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Leave the Heat to us....Argentine Parrillada is the way to go!

When planning an outdoor event, the word Bar- B- Q is usually on everyone's lips. "Let's do a BBQ, throw some burgers on the grill, keep it simple". The only problem is that as simple as it sounds, here in Florida a simple BBQ turns into a HOT, RAINY MESS and the host NEVER enjoys the party!

At Yummy Chrori Argentine Grill Catering, we porvide an AMAZING and GOURMET Grill party way beyond the hot dogs and hamburgers. Let's be honest, when you say BBQ, you are really hoping for a good piece of steak! We offer a an AUTHENTIC STEAKHOUSE EXPERIENCE you can enjoy in your own back yard! Leave the heat, prep, food shopping, cooking and serving to us! We have the most experienced and professional grill masters, and the best customer service in the South Florida Region!

Steak, sausage, delcious chicken, juicy hamburgers and specialty Argentine delicacies are just a few of the unique spread you will provide to your guetsts! Hey, we will even let you stand behind the grills and look cool for some pics so you can share with your frineds and tell them this was "all you, man"...We won't tell!

Give us a Call to start your party! 954-790-2798 or

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