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Curtiss Mansion Florida Dream Wedding

Such a beautiful wedding at the Glenn Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs! It's March 3, 2017 and the day starts out a little gray and gloomy. As we all arrive to start set up at the beautiful Curtiss Mansion, Events By Gigi's owner, Jenelli " Gigi", is putting cushions on cross-back chairs and placing rustic tables in the perfect place for a picture perfect set up. We love working with creative and highly organized planners such as Gigi.

We know the event will be beautiful and will go on without a hitch!

The rain came crashing down pretty early in the set up and the radar on our phones became our best friend as we constantly made sure of when

the next wave of rain was coming our way. We had to make a decision of moving everything indoors before it was too late... but it was such a perfect courtyard set up... we waited a little longer and hoped for clear skies!

Clouds surrounded us, winds picked up, and as if we were in a bubble, the rain never touched the ground we stood on. It was going to be alright! We set the linens, glassware, table settings and flower arrangements.

The clouds cleared and the sunshine came through to touch down on the beautiful bride and groom as the wed under a 100 year old tree with a vintage chandelier draping over them! PERFECTION! Andy and Kate became one at 5:00 pm on March 3, 2017 and then the PARTY WAS ON!!!

The Grill Masters were already working on the fire and getting the Grill Bar Station ready for Dinner. The Bar was set and bartenders were muddling Limes and Sugar to make the signature drink of the evening " The Capirina". The kitchen was busy prepping appetizers for the cocktail hour and desserts and cake were being set up in the mansion living rooms.

Cocktails and passed appetizers were flowing, music was filling the air, and the warmth of the sunset was filling the air. Champagne toasts and speeches followed right after and then the

grand opening of the Dinner Grill Bar!

Steak, Shrimp, Chimichurri Chicken, Short Ribs, Portobello Mushrooms, Salads and our chimichurri sauce were filling the white china plates.

I don't think people had ever had wedding food this good. Everyone was blown away by the grill, the service, the flavor, the EXPERIENCE!

Kate ad Andy eating steakhouse dinner at their wedding!

The Bride and Groom were so happy and even got to EAT AT THEIR WEDDING! (No one ever eats at their wedding... and thats not cool!) Everyone was happy and full and ready to dance the rest of the night away! Music, dancing, desserts and coffee continued all night and the bar was jumping until the last minute!

"Last Call, Last Call for alcohol!" At 11 pm all guests grabbed their last drink of the night and jumped on the chartered bus back to their hotel! Lost of love, hugs and happy smiles were shared all through the night... and yes, a few happy tears as well!​

What a beautiful couple, beautiful venue, beautiful service and beautiful night! We think the Reinaker's had their Florida Dream Wedding come true!


Venue: Glenn Curtiss Mansion

Catering: Yummy Chori by Chica Boom Events

Cake: Yummy Chori

Event Planner: Events by Gigi

Desserts: Cloud9 Bakery

Coffee: Gabo Events

Rentals: My Vintage

Rentals: Eventiste Rentals

DJ: Event Factor

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